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Linda is a planting design specialist and shady plants purveyor.


We have a tiny courtyard space tucked away off Hackney Road selling shade-loving plants for sills, balconies, courtyards and gardens. Open on Sundays, April - June, September - October.


You can order plants from us anytime or if you need a bit more help, we can put together a planting scheme for a tricky sill, create a lush, green oasis on your balcony and side return or design your garden.


Shade-loving plants are often overlooked and can lift dark corners in urban residencies and give life to balconies with their delicate foliage and pollinator-friendly flowers.


Our plants are all grown in England. They are mostly perennials meaning they die back in winter and come back again in the spring.

planting plans 2@4x.png

Having a north facing balcony or an overlooked garden doesn’t mean you can’t have lush planting.. We can provide a planting plan that suits your space  full of texture, movement and biodiversity. 

planters boxes 2@4x.png

If you have a small space – windowsill, balcony or courtyard – planters are often your best bet.

The bigger the better as they give the plants more space to grow healthy roots and often look better than lots of small pots. We can source and plant a window box or planter with a mix of perennials and evergreens that change with the seasons allowing you a proper garden even on a small scale.



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