Linda is a dappled courtyard space in London’s Hackney selling miniature woodland gardens and shade- loving perennials in window boxes, planters and vintage terracotta pots for sills, balconies and courtyards for all city dwellers.


Often overlooked, these plants lift dark corners in urban residencies and give life to balconies with their delicate foliage and flowers.


All our planters are extremely durable, filled with specialist nutrient-filled growing medium and have excellent drainage meaning the plants will flourish for people who are not that confident gardening.


Our plants are all grown in England, the majority from nurseryman Lyndon Osborn’s Leahurst Nursery in Barnet. They are all perennials meaning they die back in winter and come back again in the spring.

 Sundays 11am - 3pm

1 Scawfell Street, London, E2 8NG


A selection of Victorian jars starting at £5